Royal vitaRO

Royal Master Filter

Royal vitaRO provides high doses of Vitamin C, natural antioxidants and removes exogenous materials effectively.

  • The skin pH is affected by a great number of endogenous factors, e.g. skin moisture, sweat, sebum, anatomic site, genetic predisposition and age.
  • In addition, exogenous factors like detergents, application of cosmetic products, occlusive dressings as well as topical antibiotics may influence the skin pH.
  • High concentration of Vitamin C inclusion.
  • Excellent ability to remove residual chlorine.
  • Improvement of liver spot, freckled skin and whitening effect.
  • Protection of skin aging.
  • Restraint of melanin pigment effect.
  • Improvement of the atopic dermatitis, eczema, athlete's foot and nettle rash.
  • Refreshing moisture effect.
  • Deep cleaning effect.
  • Softer hair.
  • Remove heavy metals and microorganism to relieve sensitive skin.
  • Removal of bad odor in the bathroom.
Filteration Process