Royal Master Filter

Royal Master Filter

How It Works

Royal Master Filter is able to maintain its superb filtration functions because of its unique backwash function. Contaminants are easily untangled from Filtron; the high-density fibers and washed away thoroughly, thus leaving the filter less susceptible to contamination. It is also equipped with a Nano-Technology energy converter to break down water molecule clusters into smaller clusters. These smaller clusters penetrate easily into fabrics to remove dirt more effectively during wash.

Key Features

Filtron : Removes all the heavy contaminants
Nano-Technology Ceramic Balls : To break the water molecule cluster into smaller cluster for easy absorption.


Filters the Water Source Which is Used in Your Household

Royal Bi-Master Filter

Royal Bi-Master Filter

Filter Media

  • 22" PP Fibre

    Removal of heavy contaminants like rust, dirt, sand, soil and etc.
  • 22" Japan Technology Carbon Block

    • Removes chlorine, organics, taste and odour
    • 10 micron carbon block removes THMs, low level of chloramines, pesticides, volatile organic chemicals and gardia and cryptosporidium cysts.
    • NSF standard
Total Height : 675mm
Tank Height : 555mm
Tank Diameter : 98mm
Valve Size : ¾ inch
Overall Weight : 11.3kg
Operation Pressure : 60 - 80psi