Sapphire 170

Sapphire 170

Water Filtration System


20cm (W) X 10cm (D) X 30cm (H)


Sediment Filter

Using a multi-layer depth filtrated construction cartridge that is vastly superior to singer layer alternatives in effectively and cost saving ways. Elimination or reduction of dirt, grit, sand, rust and other solid particles that can damage equipment and give longer life to carbon filter that is absorbing chlorine, undesirable taste and odor in water.

Melt-Blown Technology method

Improvement of mechanical strength and steady performance of filtering accuracy by three-dimensional Polymeric Matrix structure.

Carbon Block Filter

Activated carbon block filter has absorptive function that removes smaller floating matters and heavy metals. It absorbs and reduces dissolved organics and chemicals such as Chlorine, undesirable taste, odor & color in water and liquates minerals.

UF Hollow Fiber Membrane Filter

Spun with highly integrated techniques, it shows excellent water permeability. Using polysulfone as a membrane forming material, it has excellent chemical and heat resistance. Filters out all harmful microorganisms, eliminate general bacteria, Coli Form, suspended particles and reserves minerals. Increase PH level of our drinking water to mild alkaline in order to promote PH balance in human body.