Sapphire 300i

Sapphire 500i

Royal energised water and its life-enhancing frequencies are readily absorbed by exhausted and dehydrated cells. As we aged, our body progressively losses its ability to hydrate the cells effectively. The cells are unable to produce the extra energy required to break down the clusters and the cells get dehydrated. That explained why newborns are 85% water by weight whereas elderly people are down to 60% water by weight. This difference can be replaced by toxins, foreign substances and frequencies that tend to leach away energy from our body system.

Royal energised or "structured" water has much smaller "micro-clusters" of water molecules for easy absorption into our circulatory system, enabling it to hold minerals and other substances in colloidal solution. And, when the body is properly hydrated, it's in better position to get rid of waste products.

Royal water filtration system requires neither electricity nor water pressure to operate. Our unique water filtration system utilizes six filters with different filter medias in each filter to remove pathogenic bacteria like cholera, Shigella, Salmonella, E.coli; cysts like Giardia Lamblia, and Klebsiella; sediment; and organic chemicals like pesticides, herbicides and Trihalomethanes; and inorganic chemicals like chlorine and lead, a toxic heavy metal known to turn up in drinking water; by allowing water to flow through 6 different filters and to ensure that the Royal energised water is as close as possible to cellular water.

Royal A filter

The first stage of filtration occurs as the tap water passes through our unique silver-impregnated ceramic filter where rusts and other particulate matter are removed. The ceramic filter is designed to remove sediment, suspended solids, pathogenic bacteria, and particles and pollutants down to 0.9 microns. Royal A filter enhanced bacteriostatic and self sterilizing properties for safe handling and self cleaning, thus extending its life span up to one and a half year (depending on water quality). Royal system utilizes ceramic water filtration technology that is recognised as the world leader in ceramic water filters. A filter is NSF certified Standard 42 & 53 for the reduction of particulates, cyst, turbidity and harmful bacteria.

Royal B filter

The second stage of filtration utilizes 3 filter media such as new nanofibre media that stop more dirt and iron fines while providing higher flow rates. Its pore sizes are so small that 99.95% of dangerous cysts and most bacteria cannot make it through. Our premium carbon block media is made from premium coconut shell carbon material and is able to absorb a wide variety of organic contaminants including compounds that create tastes and odours in water, insecticides, herbicides, pesticides and other volatile organic chemicals normally found in tap water. The inclusion of mineral stone re-mineralises the water, thus replacing essential trace minerals that are lost during filtration. In turn, this medium facilitates the third media - ORP Balls to make alteration to the ORP and this causes the micro clustering, antioxidant and oxygenating effects.

Royal C filter

Has 3 filter medias. Its activated carbon removes organic compounds that creates taste and odour; inorganic chemicals like chlorine and benzene and pathogenic bacteria. The second filter media, using redox principle, effectively eliminates iron, copper, lead, aluminium, mercury, and etc. The third filter media is the ORP Ball, an "anti-oxidant" that simply inhibits or slows the process of oxidation.

Royal D filter

Utilizes special Ceramic Balls composition of more than 10 kinds of minerals with abundant inorganic minerals that function adsorption removal of harmful heavy metal and impurities, create antibacterial activities that prevent microbe's propagation, help human metabolism, and emit FIR.

Royal E filter

Besides utilizing the same special Ceramic Balls composition as in D filter, has an additional filter media in ORP Balls.

Royal F filter

The sixth and final stage of filtration uses Nanosol activated carbon block that changed the tap water into energised water which is as close as possible to cellular water.